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Loss-Less Melting

In Seconds

Induction Gold Melter from 1 Kg to 5 Kg


Gold melting is the first step of processing gold for jewelry manufacturing or refining etc. We present a high tech solution for all your metal melting requirements. This is a very versatile product for jewelry industry. Induction gold melting machine is extensively used in Gold Casting, Chain Making, Bangle Making, Refining Gold, Retail Showrooms and all other gold processing factories
We manufacture Induction Gold Melting Machines in different capacities to suit all our customer's requirements.

Induction Gold Melter 0.5 Kg for Showrooms


This Induction Gold Melting Machine (GIM05SR) is developed specially for jewelry showrooms or a very small workshop.
It is often seen that many customers turn up with their old gold for exchange at jewelry showrooms and it is very difficult to ascertain the purity of gold in old ornament. It becomes more difficult if the purity of many ornaments are different. So it is advisable to melt the old gold before purchase. It is very important for the machine to be very fast, have minimum losses, be small in size and also to be able to mix the metal uniformly.

Tilting Induction Gold Melting Furnace


Large refining and minting companies process large quantities of gold. They require large capacity gold melters for their process. We present 10 Kg and 20 Kg Induction Gold Melting Furnaces for this purpose. Our machines are fitted with Tilting mechanism to ease the pouring of metal.
Our Machine reaches melting temperature within 15 minutes saving precious time. Medium frequency operation insures homogeneous mixing as required for refining process. This machine can be used for melting old scrapped gold or refined gold dust.
Very user friendly interface of the machine ensures minimum operating errors. Manual tilting process gives more controll in molten gold pouring process.  

Graining Tank


The refining companies requre to convert the initial metal into flakes for further refining process. It is a very skill oriented process where a skilled person has to pour the hot molten metal into a cold water whirpool. We have mechanised the complete process so that even an unskilled person can make the required Flakes/Grains/Shots.
This machine can be used for making pre refining shots/flakes which has large surface area. This reduces the reaction time and increases output
This machine can be used for making grains of final refined metal for further use.
This machine can be used for making Alloy Grains production. This machine can make beautiful round grains.

Resistance Gold Melters


Resistance Gold Melting Machine can be used in small jewellery workshops and jewellery showrooms where continuous and repeated melting is not required. This machine is a economic solution for such users. This machine can also be used in small casting set up, small, refining set up and in small jewellery shops in small towns where only one or two meltings are done in a day. 

Induction PLATINUM Melter 200 Grams

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