One Kg Induction Melter GIM10 is designed to be used at factories for production. It is a very user friendly machine very easy to use. It can melt precious metal continuously and very fast. It saves Time, Melting Losses and Power Consumed. This macine can be used at Factories, Small Workshops, Refineries, and Bullion Dealers. It mixes the metal homogeneously and the melting work can be completed very fast. It requires external water circulation. 


This machine is also available with broad crucible type. That crucible has a broader opening to help refiners and old gold buyers with bigger jewellery peces.


1 Kg Induction Melter

    1.) Product Code  GIM10
    2.) Melting Capacity 1 Kg (24Kt)
    3.) Maximum Temperature 1200° C
    4.) Power Consumed 4 KW (230V 1 Phase)
    5.) Time for first Melting 8 to 10 Mins
    6.) Controller Type Digital PID
    7.) Protections

    Water Fail, Over Heat,

    Over Current

    8.) Crucible Used Ordinary Graphite
    9.) Maximum Water Temp. 45° C
    10.) Water Circulaton External
    11.) Overall Dimensions 18" X 18" X 30"
    12.) Approx. Weight

    100 Kg


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